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Using Content to Improve SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an internet marketing methodology that can be implemented to improve and increase the amount of traffic that search engines send to a website.  The main reason to adopt and invest in this area is that the more traffic that search engines send to a company’s website can have direct impact on driving growth and increasing sales.

The key principal to grasp when trying to understand how SEO works is that search engines want to provide the most credible and informative website results to someone when they submit a search request.  And one of the methods search engines use to determine how credible and informative a site is by analyzing the amount and quality of content that is published on the website.  With that being the case, if we focus on producing quality and larget quantity of content, we can stand to improve SEO.


Content Heavy Pages

The traditional internet marketing strategies revolved around having very attractive web pages.  To achieve this, businesses were building pages that had as few words as possible and were very heavy in terms of graphics and animation.  And while that approach creates web pages that are very appealing to the human eye, those types of pages are not very appealing to search engines.

Search engines want to direct users to informative sites and with that being the case, a search engine will value a page that has a lot of text and content as more valuable than one that is very clean with images and less words.  To improve SEO, try to have as much content and applicable text on each web page as possible.

Content Regularly Added

Not only do search engines look at how much content is on a web page to determine how valuable the site is, but they will also factor in how often content is being added to the website.  The more regularly and often that content is being added to a website, the higher the odds of the website being more credible and informative are and the search engines factor this in.  Using a blog and adding articles is a good way to regularly add content to improve SEO.



Content Regularly Updated

It is not uncommon for published information to become outdated.  And this applies to web content as well.  With that being the case, web pages that are monitored and regularly updated are valued higher by search engines versus pages that are published and never touched again.  As a result, by modifying or updating existing web pages regularly, the search engines will have the perception that the site is actively being monitored and updated.  This makes the site more credible and informative than a site that is does not have existing pages updated.


Total Amount of Content

Search engines will factor in the total number of web pages for a domain when they measure how credible and informative a website is.  A website that has 500 total pages will be valued higher than a similar site that only has 20 total pages.  A good way to increase the total number of pages and improve SEO for a domain is by having a blog, publishing articles, or having a forum attached to the main website.



By utilizing some of these tactics, search engines can hold a website in higher regard.  That can result in higher rankings for the website’s pages.  And if those pages associated with certain keyword phrases, having the site rank better will improve the odds that the site comes up in more web searches and this can lead to an increase in web traffic.  An increase in web traffic is one of the most cost effective ways to increase sales.



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This article was published on Saturday 08 January, 2011.
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