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Using Networking to Improve B 2 B Sales

When looking to improve B 2 B sales, networking can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase results.  That being the case, there are some very simple and straightforward things that we can do to improve our professional networking activity and exposure.


1. Attending Events

By attending and networking at an event, regardless of the topic or type of audience, there can be a good opportunity to expand your professional network to positively impact B2B sales.  At every event, there are new contacts to make and you never know what those can lead to.  But of course being strategic in terms of the event that we spend our valuable time at will increase and optimize our results.


Every major city should have a number of events that take place just about every week.  There are typically events that are related to the community, tied to the industry that your business falls under, and there are also events that are simply based on the premise of networking alone.  By doing some research, one could easily fill up their calendar with a handful of events to attend and this can help with B 2 B sales.


2. Volunteering

A great way to improve networking results and increase your professional network of contacts is to spend part of your time volunteering.  This could be volunteering with an industry related organization that is tied to your business or could be an organization that is more directly tied to the community.


While volunteering, you will be put in an environment where you will not only be exposed to a number of new people, but you will likely have to work very closely with the people that you meet.  This can establish an opportunity to build new relationships and contacts and this can help you to grow your professional network.


Through this activity, you might establish connections that are not related to your business in any way.  But when you build that relationship, you create an opportunity to possibly get exposed to that person’s network and there could be someone on that side that you can be connected with and have a positive impact on your B 2 B sales.



3. Social Media

With new forms of web-based technologies, we now have a number of ways to virtually network through social mediaand social networking tools.  Tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter enable us to greatly improve our ability to connect and collaborate from a networking standpoint.


With social media, not only can you establish connections with new contacts and share contact information, but you can also collaborate in different discussions, share information, and join many different virtual groups.


One of the benefit to social media is that you can grow your network very quickly and are not limited to any geographic restrictions.  The downside is that when you move face to face interactions to a virtual format, there is a drop off in terms of connection, effectiveness, and rapport.


To increase B 2 B sales, you definitely want to have a social media component but this should be a complement to in person networking activity.



Launch Pad Solutions provides sales coaching helping sales pros to improve B 2 B sales.


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This article was published on Saturday 20 August, 2011.
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