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Using Social Media to Find New Clients

Every business that is looking to find new clients should have a social media component in their sales strategy and communications model.  This is because social media is a very efficient and cost effective way to connect and communicate with targeted prospects.


What is Social Media

Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies for the purpose of communicating and connecting with individuals and businesses.  Examples of social media are facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, WordPress, etc.  These are essentially technology-based portals where individuals, groups, and businesses connect to share information.


Why Social Media is Important

Social media is important for two key reasons:

Communications platform: By being a user of social media tools and platforms, a business will have a forum to use to broadcast messages.  Once a company is connect to an audience of users, they can easily post and push out content and updates.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO: 
 Social media is a great way to improve a business’ level of search engine optimization / SEO.  This is because three things that search engines look for are 1) consistent activity, 2) lots of content, and 3) back links and using social media is away to accomplish progress with all three of those.



How to Use Social Media


Below are some ways that a business can use social media to find new clients.


1.    Setup business and personal profiles on a set of social media sites.  Try to include as much content and back links as possible on these pages.


2.    Connect with as many individuals as possible.  Regardless of whether you know the individual or if they have the profile of an ideal prospect, reach out to connect.  The same philosophy here should be used as when doing business networking in person, which is to be open to networking with anybody, even if they that don’t appear to be a target prospect as you never know when someone knows someone and can help you to find new clients.


3.    Become a provider of information.  This should involve using the social media outlets to publish and post information that your ideal prospects will find valuable.  It is important to note that this is not providing advertising information your products and services as it should be information more generic to your industry and related to your products and services.


4.    Provide regular status updates where applicable.  These can be postings about industry news, your own blog posts or articles, or reposts of another company’s content.  Think of these updates as little reminders to your prospects and to the search engines that you are still there and you are a key provider of valuable information to improve search engine optimization.


5.    Automate where possible.  It can be very helpful, when using multiple social media platforms to find new clients, to incorporate as much automation and integration as possible.  Many of the more well known systems, like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn, play nicely with each other and are setup to allow you to post in one place and have the content replicate on the other sites.  There are also a number of third-party tools that help you to manage multiple social media systems.



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This article was published on Sunday 13 February, 2011.
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