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10 Week Sales Prospecting Training Program

In this program, you will attend weekly one hour web-based training classes that will span across 10 weeks. Regardless of experience or skill level, this 10 week program will provide the information you need to go from a state of frustration and failure to one of control and success.

This training program is built around the concepts that are outlined and discussed in The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED. The structure and curriculum is as follows:

Module 1: Introduction and Focusing on the Goal

The first module will provide an introduction of the overall program begin the training by focusing on the two main sales cycle stages that take place during cold calling and identifying the bests goals to focus on for each.

Module 2: Identifying Core Value and Ideal Prospect

In module 2, we will help teach the concept of value, why it is important, and help you to identify what value you have to offer. From there, we will discuss how to identify the key characteristics of your ideal prospect and how to build a target attack list.

Module 3: Improving Your Mental State and Maximizing Activity

Cold calling can be one of the most mentally challenging jobs. We will teach you how to improve and strength you mental state to not only improve your sales results, but to also improve your ability to handle and endure the swings that come from selling over the phone. We will also help you to increase and maintain high activity levels

Module 4: Qualifying and Disqualifying Prospects

Powerful and successful sales people should be selective with the prospects that they spend their valuable time with. In this module, we will teach you how to effectively qualify and disqualify sales prospects.

Module 5: Dealing with Objections and Gatekeepers

There are two guarantees that come with cold calling. The first is that you are going to have to face objections. The second is that you are going to have to face gatekeepers. The better you can deal with both of these, the more success you will have. In this module, we will teach you tactics that will immediately improve your results in this area.

Module 6: Finding Pain and Building Interest

Being able to find pain and build interest during a cold call can be the difference that leads to consistent results. In module 6, we will teach you tactics to be effective in these two areas.

Module 7: Building Rapport and Credibility

People buy from people they like and they buy from people they trust. As a result, being able to build rapport and credibility will have a direct impact on your sales results. We will show you clear and practical ways to improve execution in these two areas.

Module 8: Preparing for Prospecting

Before we pick up the phone and crank out calls, there are some key things that we can do to effectively prepare. This module will help you to be better prepared by teaching you some logic for performing research, building cold call scripts, and dealing with voicemail.

Module 9: Closing Tactics that Improve Your Close Rate

There are clear things that we can do to improve our ability to close prospects. Module 9 will teach you these.

Module 10: Program Wrap-Up

The last module of the 10 week program will focus solely on summarizing the previously discussed concepts and opening it up for discussion and questions.

At the end of this program, you will see cold calling in a whole new way and you will not only produce better results, you will also enjoy calling more and feel more comfortable with less stress. Just about anybody with a little work ethic can go from zero to hero by going through and following this program.

The total cost for the 10 week program is $250 and as part of that registration fee, you will receive one one-on-one coaching session and a copy of our game changing book titled The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED.

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee

If you attend our program and do not feel like we helped you to improve your cold calling skills by the end, we will offer a full refund of your registration fee with zero questions asked.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 26 January, 2012.