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Writing a Blog to Increase Prospect Leads

There are many ways to increase prospect leads and one of those is to consistently write a company blog post.  This can be powerful as it can feed into the company’s search engine optimization results and produce leads from new website traffic.


When you publish a blog post on a company website, at some point search engines will likely scan the blog post and index it.  When that happens, they will identify what topics the blog post pertains to and they will basically catalog it.  After this point, when someone puts in keyword searches into the search engine that relate to the topic that your post is tied to, your website can come back in the search results and stand to have that prospect sent to your site.


The higher you come back in those search results, the more prospect leads that you will produce and there are some very clear search engine optimization tactics that can be done to help with your ability to rank high.  There are also some  very clear things to do when producing the actual blog post to improve its effectiveness at getting in front of target prospects.


Identify the Right Keyword Phrase

It is critical to identify the right keyword phrase that you want search engines to label or associate with your blog post.  If you are publishing good blog posts but those are not centered around topics that target prospects would search for, your ability to create prospect leads may be limited.


The first step in this would be to identify the overall topics are related to our products and services.  But we cannot stop there as we need to look at two other factors before moving forward:


  • Level of search activity:  It is important to identify how much the keyword phrase is being searched.  If a blog post is published and tagged with a perfect phrase, but that phrase is rarely searched, new web traffic will not be produced. Although, you do not want to target keyword phrases that also have a volume of searches as those will be more difficult to rank on.
  • Level of competition:  Another parameter to assess is how much competition there is for the keyword phrase.  This is essentially the amount of other companies that are trying to rank on the phrase.  If the competition is high, it will be difficult to come up high in the prospect’s search result.  Try to find phrases that fit well but have little competition to improve prospect leads.


There are tools available that can provide this information and help you to find the right keyword to target.



Keyword Optimization

Once you find the right keyword phrase, you want to have the blog post optimized for that phrase by having it mentioned the right amount of times and in the right places in the blog post.  The rules around this change but some experts say to have the keyword phrase mentioned 1% of the total word count.  Having the phrase in the title and in the first and last sentence can help to tell the search engines what to label the post as being tied to.



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This article was published on Sunday 22 January, 2012.
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