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Writing a Follow-up Sales Email

One thing that can help a sales person is to have a template for a follow-up sales email. This could be an email that has information already filled in and you can just change a couple details and then quickly and easily shoot out the email when you need to.

This is particularly helpful for a sales person that may be performing cold calling and sales prospecting as one of the most common objections is prospects that ask for you to send them information. Of course you should try to get around this objection first but sometimes the only next available step is for you to send an email to the prospect. And if you are composing those emails each time you need one, you are going to be spending a lot of extra time that can be saved by developing email follow-up templates.

Simple Follow-up Sales Email Strategy

At a minimum, one thing that can position you to save valuable time is to create documents or templates that have text outlined that can fit different sales follow-up scenarios. The scenarios can vary depending on the business, but many prospects ask for general company information, pricing information, product information, and customer reference information.

You can either keep these templates in a word document stored on your hard drive or if you have a customer relationship management system, you may be able to create templates in in the system that can easily and quickly be sent and documented by just clicking a few buttons under the contact.


Advanced Follow-up Sales Email Strategy

A more advanced and effective approach is to create a thread of emails that are tied to together and sent out to a prospect at different times over a period of a few weeks. For example, when a prospect asks for information to be sent, an email will go out right then, then a second email a week later, and then a third email a couple of weeks later.

There are some strong benefits to this approach. First, using multiple emails allows you to provide more information to the prospect by being able to split everything up across multiple messages. And by those messages being delivered at different times, the absorption of the increased amount of information can be greater. This approach also can improve your ability to get the prospect’s attention and response by hitting them multiple times.

One important requirement for the more advanced follow-up sales email approach is that you really need to have a CRM application that can automate this process. Many systems will allow you to set up the templates in some sort of campaign with the email delivery being scheduled and automated. The great thing about that is that once you hit send on the first email, you can almost forget about the prospect but they will still continue to receive emails and often feel obligated to respond by time the third email comes through.


Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script develompment tool that will produce a follow-up sales email template.



This article was published on Saturday 22 December, 2012.
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