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Writing a Sales Script for Cold Calling




Writing a sales script for cold calling may seem like a challenging task. But if you break down some of the components of the call, it can be much clearer as to what you need to do and say.

The first thing that you will want to identify is whether you want to use a direct script or an indirect script.


Direct Sales Script

A direct script will tell the prospect why you are calling and go for the appointment or meeting right away. For example:



“Hello, this is Mary, I am with TraderTech. We help exporters to decrease their shipping cost and wanted to schedule a meeting for one of our logistics experts to meet with you to discuss how you could decrease your costs. What day next week works best for a brief meeting?”


In this example, we introduced who we are, shared our value statement, and then went for the meeting. The benefits to this approach are that it is quick and to the point so it is an easy script to learn and makes it easier to get more calls in. It also does not give the prospect too much information or time which can often help to get agreement to meet.


The downside to writing a sales script like this is that you are not gathering very much information from the prospect. As a result, you will likely schedule appointments that are not qualified in terms of need, ability to purchase, and meeting with the right people.




Indirect Sales Script

Another option when writing a sales script is to use more of an indirect approach. This is to incorporate questions and statements to make the call more conversational before you go for the close. For example:


“Hello, this is Mary, I am with TraderTech. We help exporters to decrease their shipping cost. I don’t know our services will fit well with your operations, so I had a couple of questions.”


From there, you can ask some qualifying questions. This will not only help you to identify if the prospect is worth you spending your valuable time with, it can also help to make the call more conversational and decrease the prospect’s guard.

After asking some questions, you can move on to share some common pain points or common challenges that your prospects experience to help uncover areas that can be improved on the prospect’s side.

When writing a sales script in this style, a good way to wrap up is to share some building interest points. These are your “silver bullet” points that you can share to trigger interest and curiosity on the prospect’s side.

At this point, you have qualified, gathered some valuable information, and built interest. You can now go for the close and try to progress to the next step in your sales cycle, which is likely scheduling an appointment or meeting.


Launch Pad Solutions provides a sales script tool to help sales pros with writing a sales script.

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This article was published on Saturday 18 August, 2012.
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